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Use WoodsCamp to explore your forest from the comfort of your home. Discover opportunities matched to your land and the next steps that are right for you. We work with local partners to connect you to trusted resources and services in your community. Select your region, find your property on the map, set your goals, and get a free report today

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20 Billion/yr
Timber from Family Forests
78 Million Acres
Critical Forest Habitat
4 Million
Family Forest Owners

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WoodsCamp runs a customized assessment of your land, delivering free insights and opportunities based on your goals. When you are ready to take the next step we'll even help connect you to the right markets for conservation benefits and sustainable timber harvests.

Committed to Excellence

We love the land just like you

We care deeply about the health of family forests and built our tools to make sure landowners can make decisions that are right for them. We work hard to offer the best opportunities for each landowner and connect them to trusted forestry professionals in your community.

Delivering long term benefits

Build Value on Your Land

We help you achieve your goals for the land over the long run. WoodsCamp will find you opportunities that build wildlife habitat, grow the forest for the next generation, and offer fair financial benefits from any work done. Look up your property on our site and get a free assessment of the best next steps for you.

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