Manage your Logging Jobs with Confidence

At Woods Camp we know first hand how satisfying it is to deliver great work for a landowner and how hard it can be to get there. We offer tools to plan and manage your jobs and we offer our partners a predictable flow of good work to do.

Load Tracker

Track Deliveries

Paper load slips don’t phone home! LoadTracker provides easy messaging for your trucker, real-time notifications to you with key delivery details, and a dashboard view of your entire operation.

Send Reports

Manual data entry leads to errors in payroll. Avoid duplicate or even triplicate data entry of load information. Simply download a report of your activities to send to stakeholders.

Calculate Payments

From truckers to stumpage, see who is owed what from your harvests. (Coming Soon)

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Trucker SMS, notifications and dashboards are completely free. You only pay to download reports.

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Logging Partner Program

We work with the best loggers to deliver great harvesting work for landowners. Together with our logging partners we are building a steady flow of jobs for their businesses without any of the headaches of finding and managing those jobs.

WoodsCamp is building a list of qualified jobs, taking care of all the upfront planning, ensuring the jobs are ready and meet the landowner’s goals. We also market the timber and manage the payments. You just show up and get to be awesome!

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