WoodsCamp is a dedicated community of forestry professionals, woodlot owners, and technology developers who share in a mission to increase the health of our forests and the families that rely on them. We believe that technical, process, and business model innovation offers us an exciting new way to manage forests sustainably.

Alastair Jarvis

Alastair grew up playing in forests and ravines but has since spent most of his career making videogames. When he moved to Lunenburg, a house with a Woodlot rekindled his love of the woods and set him on a new path. Today he’s committed to technology and business model innovation that benefits rural communities.

Will Martin

Will’s lifelong passion for the forest is evident in over 15 years of forestry work on family woodlots. In addition to co-founding WoodsCamp, will is also the Chairman of the Medway Community Forest Co-op, and President of the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association.

Peter Tupper

Although Peter is a seasoned developer and entrepreneur his first love was the great outdoors. WoodsCamp is the perfect union of these two aspects of Peter’s life which is why he now works with a slightly off-putting grin every day.

Matt Miller

With a lifelong passion for the woods, Matt has served as a private land forester and an advocate for Nova Scotia’s Acadian Forest. He’s in his element as Forest Manager with WoodsCamp where he shares his knowledge and skill, walking the woods with landowners across the region.

Stephen Hayes-McCoy

Originally from Ireland, Stephen took a quick trip to Vancouver a decade ago and then never left. A very average snowboarder with a worrying IPA obsession, he has been heavily involved in the software development and startup scene for the last ten years.